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About Us

Here at Interior Home Designs of Rossendale we're so confident about the quality of our kitchens that we won't take payment off you for your kitchen until it has been delivered to your door and you are completely satisfied with what you've ordered.

We take great pride in being the only kitchen company in the United Kingdom to offer this service to our customer and that's why we are best.

We specialize in selling kitchens of the highest quality at exceptionally low prices. We put pride into every single kitchen that we make and we manufactuer all of our kitchen cabinets and kitchen doors. We even manufacture our own worktops!

Our Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen that we sell is of the highest quality that you could possibly get on the market. Our Kitchen Cabinets are an unbelievable 18mm thick and they all come with solid back panels. No other kitchen company in the UK does this and the norm from other kitchen companies is to supply customers with Kitchen Cabinets that are made with 3mm hardboard back panels!

Our Drawerpacks

All of our kitchens come with pre-built drawerpacks. Putting together a flatpack drawerpack can often be stressful and we save you the time and the stress.

Our Promise

We use nothing but the very best materials and machinery to manufacture our kitchen cabinets and been doing so for 20 years.

We are the world's largest privately owned kitchen company with factories in the UK and in China. We have our own sustainable forests in Africa and we have our very own Granite Quarry in Mongolia.

Not only are we the cheapest kitchen company in the UK but we're so confnident about our products that we believe you should only pay for your kitchen once it's been delivered to your home. The only payment we take before this is a small £100 deposit to secure your order.

Our Order Process

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    1) You leave an enquiry with us.
    2) We will book a home design appointment with you.
    3) One of our professional designers visit your home.
    4) We then carry out an in-house survey.
    5) Your kitchen is delivered to you.
    6) Your new kitchen is then fitted.
    7) We carry out a customer-satisfaction survey.

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